Why McLaughlin Consulting?

Because I establish rapport quickly.

Because I have a knack for balancing support for your writing voice with direct (yet friendly) feedback about improvements.

Because I am not “the expert”, I ask the kinds of questions that push clarity and power in your writing.

Because I am skilled at writing effective proposals and documents.

  • Grant proposal experience: private foundations and federal grants
  • Literature reviews
  • Educational material: curriculum, policy handbooks, theses and dissertations
  • Resumes, CVs, cover letters
  • Blog posts and website narratives

Reach me at debmclseattle@gmail.com

Fees are market-rate hourly and depend on the project.

Inside tip for those who don’t know me well (yet!): I am also an artist. Making art makes me a better writer, as I thrive at the nexus of executing the details needed to bring a vision to life. Visit waterlightmosaics.com