Do your words need work?

You’re poised to publish:

  • blog posts, website pages (including light HTML work)
  • handbook, policies, curriculum, documentation
  • memos, meeting minutes, annual reports
  • conference collateral (e.g. agenda, welcome letters, speaker bios)
  • papers, theses, dissertation, or essays for entrance into higher education
  • resumes, CVs, and cover letters
  • self-published books

cropped-debheadshot.jpgLet me help ensure you’re really ready!


Mechanics, spelling, grammar, facts, word choice, and tone.

Line editing and content or structural editing

More substantive rewording, reorganization, and tightening.


Error checking for already-edited documents.

Fees are reasonable and negotiable and depend on the project. The best way to contact me is via email:

Inside tip for those who don’t know me well (yet!): I am also an artist. I wholeheartedly embrace and crave creating and working with my hands, in addition to working with people, words, and processes. Visit my other website to see what I do at

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