The editor and the tailor

Do you hem your own pants? Roll the cuffs of your jeans because it’s too tough to hem denim? Ever resorted to taping the hems (as an old friend taught me)?

If you have pants that you need for work or a special occasion, pants that need to look just right, chances are you turn to someone who knows how to hem pants. You want the thread, the stitches, and the hem to basically recede and become invisible. You know the hem job is there, but it’s a supporting player in the overall look of the pants.

Editing is like the hem. When you have a document, a blog post, a letter, or even ‘just’ an important email, why not hire an editor to be your second set of eyes? The editor can quickly catch the errors or structural problems that nearly all authors at some point can’t, because they’re too close to the words.

In a recent random sampling I did of blog-type posts on LinkedIn—posts that ranged between 500 and 1,000 words—every post needed some basic copyediting. Punctuation, word choice, verb tense, omitted words, spelling, sentence fragments—these are just a few of the common writing issues I noticed.

You take the time to craft your message because it’s worth saying. An editor can help you eliminate the pesky errors that interrupt the message and cause readers to pause, or worse, question your credibility. The editor makes grammar recede and become invisible, ensuring accuracy and giving the spotlight to your message.

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